Other facilities

A number of other services and facilities are available at Camping Naturiste Le Couderc..


  • WiFi is available throughout the campsite. You can connect with a ticket available at the grocery shop.
  • Service area: motorhomes and caravans can fill and empty their tanks and chemical toilets.
  • Youth meeting place is located at the entrance of the campsite. Its use is subject to a number of rules to be respected which are attached to the trailer and explained to the teenagers and parents on arrival.
  • Caravan storage. You can store your caravan in complete peace of mind. The storage is secured by surveillance cameras and completely closed by a dam and heavy padlocks.
  • Shuttle service. We can pick you up at the train station or at Bergerac airport. Contact us for more information.
  • camperloosplaats
  • jeugdhonk
  • wifi
  • Ponds. The swimming pond has a swing, a diving board and canoes. The other pond is reserved for fishing and for cooling the dogs.
  • Water filter. In the small tourist office, a water filter system decalcifies and removes heavy metals from the water taps at P15, B04 and behind the snack bar as well as the water served in the bar and restaurant. The water from the other taps on the campsite is also drinkable but not filtered, it's city water.
  • Mail: you can send and receive mail and parcels. There is a mailbox at the reception.
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