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Camping Naturiste Le Couderc has 172 spacious pitches, spread over various meadows. Each meadow is surrounded by forest or delimited by natural obstacles. 

All pitches have an electrical hook-up and measure at least 120m². The pitches are open, i.e. without any artificial boundaries between them. Depending on your preference, you can choose a sunny or shady pitch, close to or far from the sanitary facilities etc. Each meadow has its own unique atmosphere and ambience...

It is highly recommended to reserve a place in the period June 1 to September 20, or at least inquire in advance about availability by email, telephone or WhatsApp. The campsite is regularly fully booked during this period.

  • Family meadow (A)
  • Flower meadow (B)
  • Museum meadow (C)
  • Upper meadow (D)
  • Podium meadow (P)
  • Truffle meadow (T)
  • Sunny meadow (S)

Family meadow (A)

Located in the valley, this meadow is ideal for families with children. The little ones can play endlessly in the small stream or on the sandy beach of the swimming pond and have fun in the sandpit and on the playground. Finally, there is a small, safe paddling pool for the little ones.

On the family meadow there are two sanitary buildings (one dating from 2020) and several drinking water taps.

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  • familie_7


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Flower meadow (B)

Not far from the spring is the flower meadow, where the middle of the field is not mown, so wild flowers grow here in spring. On this meadow, you will find a few chalets and safaritents as well as beautiful camping pitches and a tap for (filtered) drinking water.

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Museum meadow (C)

The museum meadow owes its name to the old agricultural machinery that can be seen there. There are a few dozen spacious pitches, chalets, a sanitary building (dating from 2019) and water taps. There is also a small playground. A cold outdoor shower is located on the way to the flower meadow.


  • musemweide
  • museumweide1
  • museumweide3
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  • museumweide_2


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Upper meadow (D)

As the name suggests, this meadow is higher than the other meadows. This meadow is very popular in the low season, as you can enjoy the sun much longer. The sanitary building dates from 2022 and has all the necessary comfort.

  • bovenweide_1
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Podium meadow (P)

This meadow is located on the path from the bar to the upper meadow and is named after the stage used for theatre classes and other performances. Families who wish to camp as close as possible to the main facilities would prefer a pitch here.

  • podium_1
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  • podium_3
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Truffle meadow (T)

This field, which was originally a truffle orchard, is now a camping meadow for true epicureans. You can easily hang your hammock between the many trees which provide plenty of shade. The oaks were originally planted here to grow truffles. This is the favourite meadow for those who are looking for shade.


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Sunny meadow (S)

These pitches face south-west, so from midday onwards you will be in full sun. This means you can enjoy the shade in the morning and watch the beautiful sunsets over the surrounding fields.

You will use the sanitary building on the upper meadow, but there is also a large water point with handy washing up facilities on this field.

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