Le Couderc


One of the most important aspects of naturism is to respect nature and take care of its diversity.

In the valley, a spring emerges from the earth and naturally feeds a small stream and two ponds. The clay soil gives the ponds a surreal blue-green colour. A entire little ecosystem depends on this beautiful, fragile but magical valley.

The spring never dries up and many species of animals, insects, flowers and trees live here all year round.

Take a walk through the forest and try to spot all kinds of animals in the early morning or at dusk. Dozens of different species of wild orchids grow in the spring. All our accommodation has names of plants, birds, insects and other animals that you can find on our campsite if you are lucky.

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Camping Le Couderc
705 Impasse de la Source
24440 Naussannes

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Camping Le Couderc