Le Couderc

The history of Couderc

In the fall of 1982, on a foggy morning, Benk Jr. and his friend parked in front of the old Couderc building, still completely unaware of how this day would change the future of our entire family. While walking with the property seller through these beautiful romantic valleys, mysterious caves and lovely meadows, Benk Jr. immediately fell in love of this property and called his parents, Benk Sr. and Nelleke, who were also looking for land for sale in Provence. "You can stop your search, come here as soon as possible, because I have found it!"

That is how Benk Sr, Nelleke and their son Benk Jr. left everything behind in the Netherlands to start a naturist campsite in the Dordogne. The beginnings were difficult, the official licence was only obtained 3 years later, but their strong will allowed them to overcome every difficulty, be it financial, administrative or emotional. The magnificent terrain and the surrounding nature gave them all the courage and confidence they needed to hold on.

Since 1991, mainly thanks to Marieke (their daughter) and their sons-in-law Olivier and Nico, Camping Le Couderc has become the naturist campsite we know today with its sanitary facilities, chalets, luxury swimming pool and wellness area, a gastronomic restaurant, a bar with a warm atmosphere, a grocery shop and a pizzeria / snack bar.

In 2022, they will reach retirement age and hand over to the third generation.

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Camping Le Couderc
705 Impasse de la Source
24440 Naussannes

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Camping Le Couderc