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The Dordogne is well known for prehistorical discoveries. The Cro-​magnon left astonishing traces in this region.

Les Eyzies, a small town one hour driving from Le Couderc, calls herself with pride the ‘capital of the prehistory’. In the surrounding area you will find many caves which are open to the public, like La Roque Saint Christophe, les grottes du Roc de Gazelle and the world famous caves of Lascaux. It’s an impressive experience to walk in the caves where the Cro-​Magnon left traces of their way of life.

Prehistorical parks lke Préhisto-​parc in Tursac are recommended for families with children. They have workshops and life size sculptures. You get a good idea of the way of life of the cave men, the way of hunting, making fire and cutting stones. The national museum of the prehistory in Les Eyzies is recommended for everybody who is interested in their own history.

Also worth visiting is Le Bournat in Le Bugue: a replica of a rural village in the Perigord around 1900. Workshops and animation shows the visitors the life in the beginning of former century. Young and old will be fascinated by the simple life of the past: a smith forges his iron, a steam oven is starting up, the old farm equipment is ready to be used, the simple attractions of a 19 th century fair makes it all complete. Excellent day trip for the whole famiily!

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