Le Couderc covers 33 hectares of land and has 158 spacious pitches spread over different meadows. Camping is possible from the 1st of April to 15th of October.

All meadows are surrounded by forest, ideal for a naturist walk. All pitches have electricity, have a minimum surface of 120m² and are not delimited by bushes or fences. Depending on the location, pitches can be sunny, half sunny or shady. There are different meadows, that all have their own caracter.

The family meadow (A-​field)
This meadow situated in the valley is ideal for families with children. Here, a crystal clear spring ends in a lake with a small sandy strip and a small zip-​line. A fanstastic playground for kids! The second lake is reserved for dogs who like to swim and for fishermen. On this field there are two sanitary buildings and different water points. In addition to the sandpit and the small playground, you also find a wading pool for the little ones with a sunbathing terrace for the parents. If you really want to camp back to basics, there are two pitches without electricity between the two lakes.

The flower meadow (B-​field)
Located between the central area and the family meadow, not far from the spring, you will find the flower meadow. Seven chalets, 15 beautiful pitches and a water point are situated on this meadow.

The museum meadow (C-​field)
A little bit more towards the south, this meadow’s name refers to the old farmer instruments that are located on the field. You will find 30 pitches, 8 chalets, a sanitary building, a small playground and a sandpit. Close to the flower meadow there is an outdoor. Since 2012, the museum meadow has been extended to another beautiful valley (pitches C22 to C30).

The podium meadow (P-​field)
People who like to be close to the central area and the swimming pool way want to choose a pitch on this field.This meadow is located next to the podium at the back of the bar building.

The upper meadow (D-​field)
This meadow is located on the same level as the central area and thus is not situated in the valley. If you don’t like to climb a steep hill and don’t want to be too far from the central area, you can choose a pitch on this meadow. It is very popular in low season as it is ideally located to enjoy the low morning and evening sun. You will also find a sanitary building with all facilities.

The Truffel meadow (T-​field)
Originally a truffel orchard, this meadow has plenty of shade and is a good spot for hanging your hammock. Quiet, shady and sunny at the same time, this is the favorite spot for those who love peace and quiet.

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