Camping on a naturist campsite sometimes raises questions. If you still have questions after reading this page, you can always contact us.

Do you have to be a member of a naturist association?
No, membership isn’t obligatory. Everybody is welcome on Le Couderc and we will welcome you with a refreshing drink!

Are there other young families with little children in low season?
Thanks to the interesting low season prices, families with young children are quite common guests in those times. In all peace, the little ones can enjoy playing in the paddling pool and make use of our different playground objects on the campsite. We will organise childactivities on request. There are four children living on the Couderc, they look forward to playing with other children of their same age.

Is a man alone accepted on the campsite?
Everybody is welcome on Le Couderc, as long as you respect nature, humankind and the naturist values.

How do you handle teenagers that have problems being naked?
We understand the stages of puberty. We condone the fact they wear towels or sarongs. Still, we try to motivate the youth to be naked. However, around and in the swimming pool, we ask them to be completely naked.

Is it necessary to reserve a pitch?
If you would like to come in July or August, it’s necessary to book on time, especially when you have a pitch preference. In low season it is not necessary to reserve, except in June and September if you prefer a certain pitch. It is also possible to make a booking for coming seasons.

Are pets allowed on Le Couderc?
Pets are allowed on the campsite and in accomodations, provided that they are on a leash. Dogs can swim in the second lake on the family meadow. You can walk your dog on the large field near the entrance of the campsite. Please always have a plastic bag with you pick up his droppings.

Are tattoos and piercings accepted?
Yes, we accept people with piercings and tattoos.

Can you rent a small fridge on Le Couderc?
Yes. We do rent fridges. Please add this in your cart when you make the booking. You can also rent cooling elements and frozen bottles water in the shop.

Is it possible to store my caravan on your site?
Yes. We propose secured caravane storage. Please contact us for more information.

Do you have any babybeds and babychairs available?
Yes. We borrow babybeds and babychairs freely as long as you add it to the shopping cart when you make the booking.

How close is the nearest supermarket?
The nearest supermarket you will find in Beaumont, a village 10 minutes driving from Le Couderc. In Bergerac, the nearest city, 25 minutes away from the campsite, you will find a much larger supermarket (Leclerc) and a lot of other shops.

Is there a WIFI connection available on the campsite?
WIFI is available on the whole campsite so you can use internet at your pitch or chalet. WIFI cards are for sell in the shop and online. Internet speed depends on the season and varies between 1Mb/​s and 5Mb/​s. Click here for more information and the pricelist of WIFI.

Can I pay with a credit card? Can I withdraw money at the reception?
You can pay with your credit card or cash. Withdrawing money is not possible on the campsite but the villages surrounding Le Couderc (Beaumont and Issigeac) have cash machines.

Is my pitch large enough for my tent/​caravan?
All pitches have a minimum size of 120 m² and are not surrounded by bushes. If you have a very large caravan of more than nine meters, it is good to let us know when you make the booking, so that we will be able to search a pitch for you where turning the caravan doesn’t give any problems.

Can I place my car next to my caravan?
This is allowed in low season. In July and August we ask you to park your car on the parking lot.

What are the facilities for physically disabled people?
We have two wheelchair-​adapted chalets: La Biche on the flower meadow and La Rainette on the podium meadow. In the sanitary buildings you will find an adapted toilet and bathroom. All facilities in the central area are accessible for people in a wheelchair, including an adapted toilet.

What is the distance of the family meadow (in the valley) to the center?
The distance from the lake in the valley to the central area is 300 m in a beeline. It is a 5 to 10 minutes walk.

What is the height difference between the valley and the central part?
There is a 10 to 20 meter height difference. If you prefer not to stay in the valley, please add it as remark when you make your booking.

If I lose something during my holidays, what can I do?
All lost objects are generally brought to the reception when found.

I need to make an appointment (garage, dentist, restaurant, e.g.) but do not speak french. What can I do?
We are very glad to help you and make any phone call during opening hours of the reception.

During my holidays, a major sportevent is happening. Is there a TV so I can watch it?
Yes, for big events like the European or World Championship of football, the Tour de France or the Olympic Games there is a television available upstairs in our bar where you can watch it. The TV is replaced by a big screen projector for the most important games.

Who receives the christmas card?
If you have been in contact with us at least one time during the last three years and we have your postal address, then you can expect a card from us around christmas time.

What do the names of the accomodations mean?
All chalets and safaritents are named after living species you can find on the site of Camping Le Couderc. Click here if you like to have the translation.

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